02 May 2011

7. Egypt

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Add 3 matchsticks to form 4 triangles all equal in size. All the matchsticks don't have to be placed flat on the surface.

You've got to think out of the box with this one!

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This is a view from the top. It is called a tetrahedron. The matchsticks are placed three dimensional vertically to form a pyramid. Hence, the name of this puzzle. (Yes, we know the pyramids have 4 sides!)

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  1. That shape is known as a tetrahedron

  2. Thanks. I have included "tetrahedron" in the answer.

  3. My answer would have been to use 3 matchsticks to divide the single triangle into 4 smaller triangles. This keeps it a 2D puzzle,

  4. Thanks, Dawie! Your website really helped with my homework!It's really useful and I hope more people can find it. :)