19 November 2016

469. Broken matchstick migration

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Place 6 broken matchsticks (2 with heads and 4 without heads) as shown in the figure left above. The challenge is to move the broken matchsticks and to end as shown in the figure right. Only 1 broken matchstick may be in a square when moving.

Can you achieve this in only 9 moves?

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The following is 1 solution:
E to C
F to A
C to F
D to C
H to B
I to D
F to I
G to F
I to E

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1 comment:

  1. You can do this in 8 moves:
    E to A
    D to B
    F to E
    E to C
    G to E
    H to D
    I to H
    H to F