17 November 2018

608. Spot the twins

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

How long does it take you to spot the two identical triangles?

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Numbers 3 and 8 are identical.

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12 November 2018

607. Mathematical: 4 - 0 is not 7

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

ADD 5 matchsticks to make the equation true. No number may be greater than 9 or negative.

04 November 2018

606. Nodes: 4 matchsticks

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

There are 4 nodes in the layout above (the circles) and the node value is 8. A node can therefore be described as the touching point of two or more matchsticks OR the two ends of a matchstick. A matchstick head has a value of 2 and the opposite side a value of 1.

How would you place 4 matchsticks to create a node value of exactly 20?

28 October 2018

605. Five matchsticks in a row

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Five matchsticks are placed with heads pointing North as shown above. The challenge is to turn ALL the matchsticks so that all the heads are pointing South. The following rules apply when turning:

1. Turn 3 matchsticks at a time.
2. The 3 matchsticks you turn don't have to be adjacent.

Can you achieve this in 3 steps?

13 October 2018

603. Move 3 to create 2 rhombuses

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Move 3 matchsticks to create 2 rhombuses. (also known as diamonds) The 2 rhombuses must be equal in size.

06 October 2018

602. Divide into equal parts

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Place 7 matchsticks inside the layout above to form 3 equal shapes. The 3 shapes must be equal in shape and size.

29 September 2018

601. Rectangle 3X2: Remove 6

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

TAKE AWAY 6 matchsticks to create 2 squares. The 2 squares must not be equal in size.

15 September 2018

600. The clock and the number

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Beware, another sneaky one!

Where would you ADD one matchstick to make the statement true?

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3H43 is the same as 17 TO 4!

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08 September 2018

599. Mathematical: 3 minus 9 is not 9

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

TAKE AWAY 5 matchsticks to make the equation true. Can you find both solutions?

25 August 2018

598. Three squares and four rectangles

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

There is one square and one rectangle in the layout above. ADD 6 matchsticks to form three equal squares and four equal rectangles.

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The four equal rectangles are easy to identify, but the three equal squares are:


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15 August 2018

11 August 2018

596. M for Matchstick

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Add 2 matchsticks to form 10 triangles. The matchsticks may overlap and do not have to be flat on the surface.

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There are 4 Small triangles:


There are 6 combined triangles


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28 July 2018

595. Polygon with 8 sides

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Shown above is a seven sided convex polygon built from 2 squares and 3 triangles. 12 matchsticks were used to achieve this. The outside angles are all greater than 180 degrees as illustrated with angle "a" above.

Create your own convex polygon. The following rules apply:

1. Polygon must have 8 sides
2. 17 matchsticks to be used
3. All outside angles to be greater than 180 degrees
4. There must be 6 equal sized triangles
5. There must be 2 equal sized squares
6. All matchsticks must be flat on the surface.

14 July 2018

594. Mathematical: 8 minus 3 is not 3

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

MOVE only 1 matchstick to make the equation true. Can you find the 3 solutions?

07 July 2018

593. Divide into 3 shapes

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Add 4 matchsticks to divide the triangle into 3 equal parts. The 3 parts may differ in shape but must be equal in size.

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If the length of 1 matchstick is 1 unit, the size of the big triangle (A + B + C + D) is:
= 1/2 X 4 X 3
= 6 square units

The size of rectangle A is:
= 2 X 1
= 2 square units

The size of triangle B is:
= 1/2 X 1 X 2
= 1 square unit
But C = B based on the same calculation which results in B + C = 2 square units.

Size of part D is:
= Big triangle - size A - size B - size C
= 6 - 2 - 1 - 1
= 2 square units

It should be clear that A = D = (B + C)

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01 July 2018

592. Increase the inner triangles

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

This puzzle is similar to but different from No 517.

In the figure above 8 matchsticks were placed on a grid to form 6 inner triangles.

What is the maximum number of inner triangles you can create by rearranging the 8 matchsticks?

09 June 2018

590. Balance the scale: Move 1

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

The vertical matchsticks on the scale all have the same weight. To balance the unbalanced scale you need to MOVE 1 matchstick. Where would you place it?

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In the original puzzle:

Left of balancing point: (3x1) + (1x1) + (1x1) + (1x1) = 6 units
Right of balancing point: (3x1) + (4x1) = 7 units

From the above we can see we need to move a matchstick right of the balancing point. This is done by placing the matchstick as shown in the solution.

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02 June 2018

589. Missing number

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

This puzzle is extremely difficult because you would have to think out of the box to solve it!

Replace the "?" with the missing number in the sequence.

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First you need to turn the figure by an angle of 180 degrees. Then replace the "?" with "87" to form a sequence 86, 87, 88 and 89.

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26 May 2018

588. Route Map: Change one direction

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

13 matchsticks are used to form a pathway as shown above. The challenge is to start at point A, move in the direction of the matchstick heads, visit each of the 13 matchsticks only once and finish at point B.

A solution is not possible in the existing figure above, but by changing the direction of only 1 matchstick it can be achieved. How would you do this?

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Change the direction of matchstick 10. The pathway is then from matchstick 1 to 13.

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12 May 2018

586. Little square and rectangle

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Four matchsticks form a little square as shown above. Your challenge is to create a rectangle with size EXACTLY 3 times the size of the little square.

Note the following:
1. All matchstick heads have been removed.
2. The 4 matchsticks are exactly the same. (thickness, length etc)
3. Only the 4 matchsticks above may be used in your solution.
4. Not all matchsticks have to be used in your solution.
5. You are allowed to break one matchstick.

05 May 2018

585. Four-sided figures

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

A four-sided figure (square or rectangle) can be stand-alone or combined. How many four-sided figures do you count with at least one broken matchstick in them?

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There are 14 four-sided figures in total

Stand-alone: C, D, G
Two combined: B+C, D+E, D+F, F+G, G+H
Three combined: A+B+C, F+G+H, E+G+H
Five combined: A+B+C+D+E, D+E+F+G+H
Eight combined: A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H

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29 April 2018

584. The four rectangles

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

There are 3 rectangles of size 2X1 in the layout above. They are ABDC, EGLJ and FHMK.

Move 3 matchsticks to create FOUR equal rectangles each of size 2X1.

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The four 2X1 rectangles are ABDC, FHMK, CDON and GPQL

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21 April 2018

583. Divide the square

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Divide the square into 3 parts by adding 8 matchsticks. The 3 parts must be equal in size but not necessarily in shape.