22 June 2016

391. Square 3X3: Move 5 to create 4 squares

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Move 5 matchsticks to create 4 squares. In your solution there must be:

- at least 2 squares of size 3X3
- at least 1 square of size 2X2
- at least 1 square of size 1X1

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- The 2 squares of size 3X3 are AIKF and BJLG
- The 2X2 square is CEHF
- The 1X1 square is ABDC

Below is the suggested way of constructing the solution above:

1. Place 3x3 squares overlapping, since only 5 can be moved, it has to come from the internals of the 3x3 squares.
2. Leave a 2x2 square within the original.
3. In order for the 3x3 to overlap, there has to be a line cutting the 2x2 into 1/2s.

There are also other variations of this solution.

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