20 June 2011

56. 25 Broken Matchsticks adding up to 15

Easy Medium Hard Extreme

Take 5 matchsticks and break each one into 5 separate pieces. The pieces with heads count 5 points, all the pieces without heads count 1 point.

Put these 25 pieces into the 9 squares so that each vertical, horizontal and diagonal row adds up to 15. You may only use the numbers 1 to 9 and may only use each number once.

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  1. 16 if you are only counting the match sticks, 17 if you count the square boarder around the match sticks, and 18 if your goofy like me and want to count the word. A square is a type of rectangle, but a "rectangle" is never a type of square; "rect"means right add the angle. Squares has four rect(right)angles and so are a typle of rectangle.